I’m just giving this a try.. and I’m not sure yet if this will be a one shot or a chaptered fanfic but anyway, here goes nothing…


                Today is the day that Sung Jong will confess to Han Yi, the person he has loved –yes, love not like, he realized that a few months ago- and asks her to finally be his. A way of not making his love for her obvious, he has dated girls for the past years.  He was now currently sitting on the bench of the play ground waiting for her to arrive. At last she arrived running as she saw him. He immediately stood up as he saw her running towards him.

                “Sorry I kept you waiting Sung Jong-ah” she said as she was catching her breath. He shook his said saying it was alright and that he hasn’t been there for a long time anyway. The truth I though, he went there minutes earlier practicing on how to confess to her.  “What were you going to tell me?” she asked and smiled as she titled her head.  They were both facing each other. He was actually looking at the ground, nervous of being rejected.

Actually.. Han Yi-ah.. I have always li-“ Sung Jong started but got interrupted by  “SUNG JONG OPPA!”.  They looked to their right to see Ahn Jumi, Sung Jong’s previous girlfriend who still can’t take that he broke up with her and that he doesn’t really like her. She was in the brink of tears as she was about to hear him confess to Han Yi. Ever since Jumi saw him talking to Han Yi, she has made Han Yi her mortal enemy.

                Han Yi immediately knew what was happening and sheepishly looked at her watch. “Uh.. hey, Sung Jong-ah, it’s getting late, let’s just see each other at school tomorrow” she said as she smiled contritely at him as she looked at Jumi. “No, Han Yi-ah!”  he said as he tried to stop her from leaving but she was already far from him. Inside, Jumi celebrated as she knew that her plan went well and that her Sung Jong won’t be with her .

                She made small steps towards him. He was looking at the ground with his fists were curled. He had teary eyes but didn’t dare to fall. “Su-Sung Jong… Oppa…” she stuttered as she tried to touch his arm. As her hands touched his skin, he caught her wrist and turned to her. She has never seen him this angry before. She was so shocked she didn’t even realize that she was actually crying. “YOU RUIN EVERYTHING! WHY DID YOU HAVE TO EVEN BE HERE!” He exclaimed.

                “Su-SUNG JONG OPPA! IT HURTS!”  she cried because of the tight grip on her wrist. He let go of her wrist, throwing it at the process.  ”I NEVER WANT TO SEE YOUR FACE EVER AGAIN!”  he shouted at her and stormed away from her. He went to a secluded part of the playground. He kicked and punched the tree trunk. He was too angry to care if his hands were bleeding. He didn’t even know if he will have the courage to ask her again after this day.

                Han Yi made her way home when she heard someone call her name. She actually stopped on her tracks but then realized how a stranger or a kidnapper  would know her name. She turned around only to find her best friend running towards her. “oh! Hoya, what are you doing here? It’s late already” she asked him. “Shouldn’t I be the one saying that? What if someone kidnaps you, or rapes you?” he said “oh and my mom asked me to buy something in the store” he lied. His mother didn’t even know he left the house. He was actually looking out for her when she left to go to the playground this late. He wouldn’t really call it stalking.. he was just, looking out for her, like her guardian angel.

                “What did your mom ask you to buy? Come on I’ll help you” suggested and smiled at him. He just nodded and then they headed to the store.  “uh, my mom told me to buy some eggs, bread, milk and some kimchi” Hoya immediately invented a list of things. She just nodded and went ahead to get the products. “As gratitude for helping me,” he started and she chuckled “wow, that was deep” he laughed along and shook his head “anyway, as a way of saying thank you for helping me, I will buy you ice cream”.  At the mention of the word ice cream she immediately looked at him with a grin on her face. “JINJA!?” she exclaimed excited, and he just nodded his head. 

                She then hurriedly got the products but made sure that they were of nice quality. Hoya paid for the products then they went to go to the ice cream store. ”one strawberry and one vanilla” Hoya said to the cashier and he paid. They got their ice cream and sat near the window. It was where they usually sit. “What were you doing out at this time of day anyway?” he asked her even though he already knew where she went. She looked up from her ice cream and he saw that there was ice cream on the corner of her lips.

                He leaned and outreached his arms to wipe of the ice cream on the corner of her lips. As he did so, her eyes widened. He wiped off the ice cream and smiled at her. She immediately felt self-conscious  and wiped her mouth and he just smiled at her cuteness.

                Sung Jong decided to head home after the very disappointing event this evening. He passed by an ice cream shop and noticed a couple beside the window. He remembered what happened just awhile ago again which made him curl his fists. But something that made his fists curl even more is the fact that the couple near the window was actually Han Yi and Hoya. He watched as Hoya outreached him hand to wipe the ice cream on the corner of her lips.

                Sung Jong then went home with blood on his hands and discouraged.

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Kpop has the best otp names
Allow me to demonstrate

Yixing+Sehun = Sexing
Bang Yong guk + himchan = Banghim
Hoya+dongwoo = yadong (literally meaning porn)
Need I go on?

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